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- Eun Jung Park
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Persimmon product

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Since it was selected as a partner firm to the New Vitality Program initiated by Cheongdo County, our corporation has specialized in the development and production of persimmon-based products (semi-dried persimmon and semi-dried persimmon slices) using raw materials grown in this region.

Our company has earned many patents for the excellence of our technology and products as a result of our incessant R&D activities; further, we has received approval from US FDA and obtained the Halal certification and the ISO 22000 certification.

In addition, we have won the Venture Business certificate and our products have been chosen as Excellent Agricultural Products by the Gyeongsangbuk-do government.

We are now supplying our products to large domestic retailers, home shopping companies, and famous hotels and also shipping them to five foreign countries, taking the lead in the same industry.

In our attempts to provide our customers with our products safely and accurately, we have installed a modern packaging line and introduced cutting-edge instruments for detection of metals and inspection of weight.

This led us to be selected as a Clean Plant and will contribute to an upgrade to the current sanitary management of our plant that has been in strict compliance with the ISO 22000 system.

We promise to continue our utmost efforts through continued research and development in order to supply reliable products which will afford our customers satisfaction and win their trust at the same time.


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Semi-dried persimmon slice

Semi-dried persimmon